100 Gallon Water Heater

Residential 100 gallon gas water heater with recirculation pump

100 gallon water heater sbThis residential 100 gallon gas water heater is installed with a recirculation pump to provide instant hot water to the homeowner. As soon as the homeower opens a faucet or shower in the home hot water comes out.  No more waiting for hot water to arrive while gallons of good water goes down the drain. Having a recirculation pump installed with your water heater can make a complete difference with the amount of time you have to wait to receive hot water.

If you own a ranch style home and the hot water has to travel from one end of the home to the other it can take up to 5 minutes for the hot water to reach the faucet or shower. This is a waste of water and energy as the hot water travels through the pipes is loses some of it's heat, making the water heater work more in the long run.Benefits from a recirculation pump are not only convienient they are also financially sound. How often have you stood waiting for the hot water to arrive, thinking "I wish there was a way I could get hot water faster". Recirculating pumps provide the solution to this ongoing problem. Pumps are availalbe in a few differnt models and styles depending on the existing plumbing you have and the style of your home.

A recirculation pump can be added to your water heater, if there is a return line for the water to circulate through. If you do not have a return line, most often a little addtional plumbing can solve that problem. If you can not have a return line added a different type of recirculation pump can be added to your water heater, with special valves added to the hot water fixtures in your home. You will be able to hot water instantly. Inaddition to a recirculation pump, most brands and styles of recirculation pumps work with timers so you can set the pump to run during your peak water usage hours. This will help save even more energy, by only using the recirculation pump to circulate the water when you will actually need the hot water at the faucet immedately. No need to have the recirculation pump running all day if you are away from home. Most often homeowners request we set the timer for early morning and evening hours when hot water is frequently used.

If you have questions about how recirculation pumps give our water heater experts a call 866-946-7842 and find out what options are available for your home. You can also view our recirculation pumps product page and find out more about the products and brands we offer.

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